Why Do Termites Invade Your Home According to the Best Pest Control Company

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Why Do Termites Invade Your Home According to the Best Pest Control Company

It is almost usual to eradicate termites that invade your home, but it is also important to know why these termites prefer your home to nest in. Moreover, totally understanding what makes termites stay in your home is better than eliminating them once they have already infested your place. It is advisable to consult a pest control company in Dubai like us, Alkanz Alzahabi to know what the best indoor termite treatment to do is, and we can also conduct termite control treatment to your residential or commercial place if it is needed. We can give you tips and suggestions on how you can stop these termites to infiltrate your home; and now, we will explain to you why termites choose your home to invade.

Termites need the following to survive:

  • Food

Wood that serves as a bridge from the ground to your home is the perfect place for termites to enter and nest in your home. They feed on the cellulose that is found in wood. All the wood that touches your home’s exterior are possible entryways for termites, and can further damage your interior as well, if not treated as soon as possible.

  • Moisture

Termites are attracted to moisture like standing water, puddles, leaky pipes, roof gutters, and drainage – especially the subterranean termites

  • and warmth.

Termites crawl on the wood materials inside and outside your home – from the basement to attic. They can also nest in the foundation of your home or your air conditioning units that gives off moisture which can create termite colonies.

One kind of termites, the subterranean termites, lives underground. They usually enter your home from the ground up – they can construct their own mud tubes just to get inside your house. Wood-to-ground is the most common way for termites to enter your home – cracks in the bricks and foundation as their entryways.

Another type of termites, drywood termites, are the ones that can severely damage your home. They locate a crevice in your wood at home, dig and build their nest inside, and they will seal themselves in there. Afterwards, they’ll produce eggs and build their own colony. It’s not actually easy to prevent these termites to invade your home, that’s why you need to maintain the good condition of your wood on the exterior of your home.

Comprehending these things is crucial to saving yourself from termite infestation. Should you need anything regarding termite control treatment, never hesitate to call us, at Alkanz Alzahabi, the best pest control company in Dubai.





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