What are the real causes of bed bug infestation? Is it really because of ‘filth’ or not?

bed bug pest control

What are the real causes of bed bug infestation? Is it really because of ‘filth’ or not?

One of the most irritable pests that one can have in their homes is bed bugs. You sometimes will never know how the infestation even started or where did these bed bugs come from. We’ll just suddenly feel and see the common signs of bed bug infestation and then the next thing you know, you’ll need to opt for bed bug pest control already.

You need not look farther for professionals who can do the job for you because we, Alkanz Alzahabi, are here to help you out. We are a pest control company in Dubai who specialize in giving pest control services to rodents, termites, ants, spiders, bed bugs, and many more. We execute these services to both residential and commercial places in Dubai and Sharjah – giving the highest quality of pest control to families and business entities for more than a decade. We know how harmful these pests can be that is why we give turn-key solutions to all those who need our service.

If you have problems with bed bugs, you can also count on us. Moreover, here are the reasons why you get bed bugs in your homes:

Usually, these bed bugs come from public places like:

• Workplace
• Neighbor’s house
• Daycares
• Schools
• Libraries
• Offices
• Public transportation

They are natural hitchhikers – so they can transfer from one place to another with just hitching a ride whenever they feel like it. They do not actually care if your filthy or not – as long as you are a source of food for them, they will likely to infest your place.

1. They come from highly populated places. They like to go where the action is – like residential and commercial places. Since they hitch whenever they please, all the people that are coming in and out of that place may become a source of bed bugs.

2. They come from non-fabrics as well. They can lurk inside your furniture both at home and at work. They can fester in even the smallest thing that you have like books, alarm clocks, appliances, and the others.

3. If your neighbors have bed bugs, more likely, they can come to your house, as well. There may be cracks and leaks that are invisible to the human eye but can be a passageway for these bed bugs to transfer from one house to another.

Basically, you can bring bed bugs in your own homes if you visit an infested place because these hitchhikers can already be in your clothes or shoes without you knowing and unconsciously deliver them to your own home. That is why you need us, Alkanz Alzahabi, a leading pest control company in Dubai to help you eradicate these bed bugs in your residential or commercial place, right away, to prevent bigger problems that these pests can cause.




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