Tips for Pest Control in UAE

Tips for Pest Control in UAE

They are all beautiful and small creatures of nature, however having them in your bed, in your living room, in your bathroom or in your kitchen is not exactly your long-awaited treat.

Which is why our top Pest Control Company in UAE, is prepared with all the relevant and practical tricks to help you rid of those little “monsters” in an effortless way.

1. Plants and trees: if you have some green works of art around your residence, you might want to do some trimming so they do not facilitate the way for the pests to your house.

2. Cracks in the wall: keep on inspecting all the doors and windows in your residence, because wouldn’t simply want any unwelcomed miniscule “guests” to penetrate their way into your place through any type of holes or cracks in your doors or windows.

3. Clean is safe: if your residence is cleaner this makes it automatically less prone to unexpected invasion of pests. Keep a clean and tidy home, for pests would have the least of chances to live and breed in such a hygienic environment.

4. Trash: once you throw the garbage out make certain to close the bags to the highest degree of tightness, and ensure the regular check of the garbage cans and get them cleaned to avoid any pests arising from those extremely dirty places.

5. Lights: replace standard mercury vapor lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights in order for you to reduce the number of flying insects that roam around your doors and windows. You are highly-advised to put the lights far from your main door, in this way you ensure safety and you keep them little “monsters” away from your place.

6. Stored foods: this might sound harmless to you, however if opened food bags and boxes cannot be air-tight closed, they could be the reason for your suffering through the appearance of the so-called “pantry pests”. Instead you could use the re-sealable bag or plastic container to store food.

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