The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Up After A Sandstorm

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Up After A Sandstorm

Expats and tourists alike would agree that Dubai has nice weather.

Not until we experience sandstorms. Sandstorms can be really bothersome and annoying. It doesn’t only make your place dirty but it makes you feel sick as well – literally. The sand particles get stuck on your nose, it hurts your eyes, and there is just sand dust everywhere!

And if you don’t clean it immediately, you’ll see tiny dunes all over your place – and what’s worse, you might even invite pest to your home; and this is not a good thing. As much as possible, you must keep your home as clean as possible – no matter the circumstance is. Also, consider hiring pest control companies in Dubai to give you pest control services if needed.

If you experience sandstorm, here are the appropriate things that you should do:

  1. Since you’re going to spend your whole day trying to take away dust and even dirt all over your home, it’s best if you dress appropriately.
  2. The first thing that you should do is take out your carpets and bedding. The sand particles might be hiding underneath the cotton and fabric. Also, this will allow you to have more space – which means you’ll be able to move more freely without it.
  3. Start sweeping – yes, sweep the floor. It might be tempting to use the vacuum cleaner right away but, no. Sand dust can be really fine; your vacuum might not be able to filter it not unless it has an advanced HEPA filter.
  4. After sweeping, that’s the time to take out your vacuum and use it on the floor and on your upholstery. Both sweeping and vacuuming can assure you that you’ve already taken out most of the sand particles that are hiding in your home.
  5. Next thing to do is wipe – everything. Since you might’ve gotten rid of most of the dust already, you ‘finalize’ cleaning through getting a bucket of water and cloth. Make sure that the cloth is damp ( not too wet ) – soaking the cloth with too much water might damage some of your items at home; be careful.
  6. And to complete your overall desire to clean your home, make sure that it’s also free of any pest and acquire certified pest control in Dubai. Call us, Alkanz Alzahabi, so that our professional team can give you the highest quality of pest control services that you need.

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