The Ultimate Chemical-Free Ways of Eradicating Pests in your Home

The Ultimate Chemical-Free Ways of Eradicating Pests in your Home

With all the advancements of today, you can say that there is almost a solution to anything. You can find everything on the internet, follow its instructions and then you’ll be at ease, knowing you’ve solved yet another problem you have at home.

Like for example, if your problem is pests, you will see lots of solvents and chemicals that can effectively kill these pests in your homes immediately. But what if you’d want to use a safer, cleaner, and more eco-friendly way of getting rid of these pests?

As a prominent pest control company in Dubai, we can actually help you with this issue – we can come to your aid right away if you please. We give effective and credible pest control in Dubai, no matter what type of pest you have at home, we can deliberately get rid of them all for you.

But as for the moment, we’ll share some reliable chemical-free ways of treating this issue at home:

1. You can use a tobacco-based pesticide

Nicotine is actually an effective pesticide, especially in plants. It’s affordable and easy to do – you just have to soak the tobacco in 2 L of water for 24 hours put the mixture in a spray bottle, then, add some more water and spray it on your plants.

2. You can use hers like mint, rue, and tansy

There are pests, like ants, who don’t like the smell of herbs. You just have to put pots of herbs in some locations in your home wherein you often see ants. Aside from the fact that these herbs can leave your home smelling fresh, it can also get rid of those pesky ants.

3. You can use other repellents

If you are bothered by cockroaches, you can use the ends of cucumbers, vanilla beans, and dried pyrethrum daisies to actually repel them. We know how irritating and bothersome these cockroaches can be, so, try these repellents now.

4. Neem Oil

Neem oil comes from the pressed seeds of need – it’s an evergreen tree that can be an effective treatment to eradicate pests. Although it’s not a long-term solution, its effectiveness is guaranteed.

But to spare you from all the hassles and stress, you can just seek the help of pest control companies in Dubai like us, Alkanz Alzahabi. You can guarantee that we’ll do our best to make sure that we’ll give answers to your problems and leave your homes sanitized and pest-free. With the help of our skilled team, we’ll be able to eradicate whatever pests you have at home and leave it sanitized, cleaned, and pest-free. Just contact us anytime you need us and we’ll come immediately.



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