The Do’s and Don’ts in Pest Control This Summer Season

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The Do’s and Don’ts in Pest Control This Summer Season

Summer is here but is your home ready to stop all the pests that can infest your home during this season? Have you contacted your trusted pest control company in Dubai already to conduct the necessary pest control services for your homes?

If not, then you can count on us at Alkanz Alzahabi Pest Control and Cleaning. With our more than 15 years in the service, we have already garnered more than enough knowledge to solve all our clients’ problems with pests. We conduct residential and commercial pest control services like termites, spider, rats, ants, and cockroaches pest control. With our array of services, we guarantee to give you the highest quality of solutions that you need regarding pest control.

And this summer, pest infestation will be heightened this part of the year for some reasons. And to make you ready for this, we will give you some do’s and don’ts that you should practice, to have a pest-free summer:

Common pests that lurk and fly around during summer:

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Gnats
  • Flies
  • Ants


The Do’s

  1. Do keep your attic and basements to be well-ventilated or dry to prevent rodents to choose it as their resting place.
  2. Do keep your surroundings dry as well, clean all standing water immediately and eliminate them as early as you saw them.
  3. Do use pesticides to protect your garden and all the pollinators. However, you need to be careful in choosing which pesticide you should use to prevent harmful effects that you can get in utilizing these products.
  4. Do purchase inexpensive weapons to fight off flies and other pests, like the electric fly zapper.
  5. Do trim and keep your lawn, garden or surroundings maintained – do clean your place regularly through sweeping, raking, or not littering.

The Don’ts

  1. Do not leave food out in the open – if you have left-overs, seal it in a container and put it in your fridge so that ants won’t crawl towards your food since they are always scavenging for crumbs and food particles in your floors or on any surfaces.
  2. Do not forget to close your trash bin’s lid – the combination of all that is inside your trash bin evokes smelly odor and if possible, rinse or keep the bin sanitized as well.
  3. Do not ignore even the smallest cracks that you see around your house – these will be the entryway of pests to get inside so you need to seal them right away.
  4. Do not forget to set your drainage away from your home.
  5. And never forget to contact your trusted pest control company like us, Alkanz Alzahabi Pest Control and Cleaning, to do all the necessary procedures to keep your home clean and free of pests.




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