The 4 Common Home Remedies For Bed Bug Pest Control

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The 4 Common Home Remedies For Bed Bug Pest Control

Do you have bedbug problems? The origin of these bed bugs can sometimes be hard to know and you’ll just see the signs that you are already infested with bed bugs when you see one or feel your skin itching from lying down. Once you realize you are already infested with bed bugs in your homes, you should contact your trusted bed bug pest control service provider immediately to solve this issue.

Like us, Alkanz Alzahabi Pest Control and Cleaning, a prominent pest control company in Dubai who gives commercial and residential pest control services for cockroaches, rodents, spiders, termites, bed bugs, and many more. We have already established a position in the industry and our satisfied clients are the proofs of how well we do our jobs. We do our best to provide the highest quality of solutions to all our clients and we make sure to keep your homes and workplace pest-free and sanitized in our every procedure. Your health is our number priority and with our help, we can assist you in keeping your place healthy.

Moreover, regarding your bed bug problem, we have listed down some of the common home remedies that you can do to get rid of these bed bugs.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good product to dry off these bed bugs. All you have to do is spread it all over the layers of the affected areas in your homes and allow this to sit there for at least a week. You can also do this for several times to make sure no bed bug is left out.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is good for treating bacterial infections and killing insects like bed bugs. You just the furnishings that you think is infected. Repeat this process for 7 days or until the bed bugs are totally eradicated.

Hot Steam

This technique is good because it has a reduced effect on the environment and atmosphere of your place. This method can help destroy the bed bugs and its eggs from cracks and crevices. You just have to expose them to more than 60 degrees Celcius temperature using your steam cleaner.


Thyme has antimicrobial properties that are good for killing bed bugs. You just need to tie the thyme to a cotton cloth and burn it beside the places that are infested with bedbugs.

And for a professional bed bug treatment in Dubai, call us anytime at Alkanz Alzahabi Pest Control and we will do our best to eliminate your bed bug problem.




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