Termite Treatment and Prevention Especially This Coming Summer Season

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Termite Treatment and Prevention Especially This Coming Summer Season

Termite infestation is something that we don’t want to happen. It’s not healthy for your family and it can destruct your home’s foundation. Most homeowners worry about the damage that termites bring, which is why termite treatment in Dubai is rampant.

Pest control companies in Dubai like us, Alkanz Azahabi, work hard to give the best pest control services that our clients deserve. Our team is composed of highly-trained professionals who know how to deal with pests effectively. As a pioneer in the field, we are committed to solving the problems of our clients while keeping them safe in the process.

As a homeowner, there are preventive measures that you can do in order to keep these termites away. Now that summer is coming, you need to be more alert and extra careful because termites can infest your place without you noticing. You can try the following:

  1. Always keep the soil around your foundation dry. Moisture lures termites. Make sure that your drainage and grading are properly installed.
  2. If you see any leak in your pipes, drainage, or grading, you need to fix them immediately.
  3. Avoid your vents to be blocked by plants, trees, or shrubs. Remove all the blockage if there is.
  4. If you have plants and trees at home, ensure that they are not too near any wood surface in your home. It should never be planted just beside or too near your house.
  5. Ask for termite inspection at least every month so that you will be able to track and know if termites are present in your home.

There are various types of termite treatment. 

Non-Chemical Treatment

  • – Used in construction
  • – Usage of steel mesh sands as barriers
  • – Use of biological control agents like fungi and nematodes


Chemical Treatment

  • – Liquid-soil termiticides
  • – Wood treatments
  • – Termite Baits


And if you need professional help in your termite problem, call us anytime you like. We, Alkanz Alzahabi, are always ready to attend to all your needs. If you are worried if the procedures we’ll make are safe, we guarantee that it is. We’ve been in the industry long enough to actually know the right ways to solve pest problems without risking the health of our clients.

So, if you need termite pest control in Dubai, never hesitate to call us and we’ll come to help you right away.



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