Pest Control and Home Preparation Tips For you This Ramadan Season

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Pest Control and Home Preparation Tips For you This Ramadan Season

The season of Ramadan is full of good deeds, soul replenishment, and celebrations. The question is, is your home ready for all of these? Have you checked with your trusted provider of pest control in Dubai to keep your homes sanitized and pest-free?

If not yet, then we, Alkanz Alzahabi, are here to help you out. We are a pest control company in Dubai that gives a wide range of pest control services to different types of pests like termites, rodents, spiders, bedbugs, and many others. We have been working in this sector for more than 15 years already and we have never failed in giving good quality services that our clients are always satisfied with. We work indoor and outdoor – both for residential and commercial places.

Furthermore, we will share some tips that you should to prepare your homes and make it pest-free for this season of Ramadan:

– For your bedroom, you can start cleaning your clutter for recycling and donating purposes. Start the holy month with good deeds; don’t throw old clothes or furniture, instead, donate or recycle them.

– You will be having Iftar each night, so your dining area must be kept tidy and cleaned as well. Know how to organize cleaning sessions to maintain their orderliness. Hire cleaning company like McKleenz to clean all of the dining places. Also, always make sure to cook the considerate amount of food to avoid waste.

For pest control, use these natural remedies:

– If you see mosquitoes flying all around your homes, garlic is the best trick to keep them at bay. All you have to do is crush the pods of garlic, boil it with water, and use this solution to spray it all over your house.

– Are there cockroaches in your kitchen? Worry no more because a boric powder with a mixture of wheat and water moulded into dough can keep these cockroaches away. Just put dough balls in the corner of your rooms and see them slowly be at bay

– Spiders can be haunting and annoying both at the same time – eradicate these spiders by rubbing citrus peels to the areas that you think are highly prone to spider infestation.

Make your Ramadan even more special with these tips and guarantee that it will be a month full smiles, celebrations, and soulful memories. Free your homes from pests and acquire bed bug pest control or any other types of pest control service from us at Alkanz Alzahabi.



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