How to have a Pest Free Commercial Place

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How to have a Pest Free Commercial Place

Are you tired of seeing bugs, insects, rodents and all the other kinds of pests in your commercial place? Are you in need of commercial pest control services here in Dubai? Do you need tips in keeping these pests out of your building?

Luckily, we can give you both – we are one of the leading companies that give commercial pest control here in Dubai. We can get rid of all the pests in your commercial buildings, leaving it fresh and clean once more. And below, we have enumerated tips on how to keep your commercial buildings free of pests through these simple tasks that you can do on your own; and as a business owner, the cleanliness of your offices reflects your company’s values and morals. That is why you have to keep your building clean.

Throw your garbage often

Garbage attract pests, it’s their dinner. The leftovers of your employees cause these pests to infest your trash bin and the real reason why insects swarm around it.

You should empty your trash regularly, maybe outside the building or inside the garbage room on each floor. Leaving your trash in the open will cause pests to come to your offices.


Wherever your dumpster is, make sure to keep it clean and somehow a few yards away from the main entrance of the building – locating your dumpster near the doors are also like welcoming the pests to get inside your building itself.

It is important to pay a service to empty your dumpsters regularly. Schedule it and see how often do these pests come to your place, through this exterior garbage.

Keep your place dry

Slippery areas are dangerous to your visitors and employees.  Wet spots should be wiped off immediately to avoid accidents and injuries.

Water is also the reason why bugs and pests roam around. Rodents and rats consume water as much as humans do, so having standing water in your office makes it appealing for the rodents to infiltrate your building.

Another reason is water brings mold, and mold is the breeding ground for rodents and bugs. To avoid this, mop your floor often or immediately when any liquid gets spilled.


The smell of your office also becomes one of the reasons why pests infest your office. Sugary smells are attractive to bugs because they think of it as a food resource.

Remember to sanitize your vendo machines, coffee machines, and refrigerator to avoid any pest to crawl in them.

And if you think you can’t do all these on a regular basis, if it is too busy inside your workplace, then, it is best to call for help and call for professional companies that give commercial pest control services in Dubai like us. We can do the work for you and leave your commercial building free from these pests and more appealing to your guests, and a pleasing workplace for your employees.


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