How Do You Get Rid of the Ants in Your Home?

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How Do You Get Rid of the Ants in Your Home?

Ants are very tiny creatures but huge in number. You can never count them by your hands but rather they come as an army or a group. You might think that they will be hard to eradicate and eliminate but in reality, it’s not. And the best thing for you to do to get rid of ants in your home is to hire a pest control company here in Dubai. We, Alkanz Alzahabi, are what you need. We provide commercial and residential pest control services. We can wipe out all the ants infesting your home leaving it clean and a nice place to live in.

We have also enumerated some tips on how you can get rid of these ants:

First, you must understand that these tiny ants are not the ones you should kill – it’s the queen. The queen never leaves her nests and the ants that you see are just workers that continually feed the queen. Wiping out the ants that you see swarming in your home would not really solve the problem – unless you kill the queen, she’ll still reproduce eggs and replace the ones you killed.

Second, you should watch the trailing ants that enter and exit your home. They are just outside to look for food and once they return to their nest, you can watch closely where this train would go and eventually find their nest.

Third, like what is previously stated, neither kill nor spray the ants. They are your ticket to finding where the queen is. If you spray and kill these ants, how would you ever reach the queen?

Fourth, set out ant baits. Like we said, these ants hunt for food to be delivered to the queen. So, if you set out ant baits and these ants find them and give to the queen, it will kill her, and later on eliminate the whole future population of ants. This may take days but the wait will be really worth it. And if you see that the ants are nested below the ground, this is the time when you can use an insecticide to spray on them.

Fifth, of course, prevention is always better than cure. You should always sanitize your house to prevent these ants from coming in. Keep your floors dry and cleaned, and your foods sealed. As we know, ants are very tiny and they can enter even the slightest cracks in your house, so, you should seal all pipes, cables, windows, and doors to keep these ants out.

As you can see, yes, it is a tough and timely job. That is why we are advising you to hire a pest control company to do this for you. With our years of experience and expertise in this field, you don’t have to worry about anything because we can, in fact, eliminate these ants.


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