Effects and Signs of Termite Infestation If You Don’t Hire A Pest Control Company

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Effects and Signs of Termite Infestation If You Don’t Hire A Pest Control Company

If you are a business owner and you have pests – termites – nesting in your commercial place, do you think this will give a good impact on your business? Probably not.

In this article, we will discuss with you the possible effects of termite infestation in your business. This can be prevented though – through termite control treatment. We, Alkanz Alzahabi, are a reputable pest control company in Dubai that can provide indoor termite treatment in your commercial place. Not just that, we also provide treatment for other pests like rats, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and spider – both for a commercial and residential place.

Now, we will enumerate the effects and impact of termite infestation on your business:

  1. Termites can severely damage your building, and its restoration can cause you too much.
  2. It can make you lose your customers and business partners.
  3. You can become a ‘trending’ topic through today’s internet ‘power’, if people will post, tweet, or share about this pest infestation in your commercial place.
  4. This can also affect your reputation, especially if it has been discussed with different groups already.
  5. You can lose your revenues because of the preservation of your harmed building.
  6. Getting back on your feet and on your customers may take time especially if it had already spread like wildfire ( news about termite infestation in your commercial place )

To prevent these from happening, these are the common signs that termites are now starting to nest in your building; through this list, you can already take preventive measures or ask professional help from a pest control company like us, Alkanz Alzahabi, to solve your problems with termites.

  1. Mud tubes anywhere in your building – these look like wasp nests and can be a sign that subterranean termites are already trying to build colonies in your building.
  2. Sawdust-like particles on your walls – termites eat food, and these particles are the termites’ waste from digesting wood.
  3. ‘Bubbles’ on your wall’s painting – as the wood is getting eaten; the paint becomes bubbly and easy to peel.
  4. Holes in your paper-based materials – paper is technically made from wood, that’s why termites also feast on it.
  5. Finding a wing around your building – termites, when they find a mate, they discard their other wing. This happens during the swarming season. In order to create their own colony, they find their own mate. So, finding a discarded wing on your place means termites are now creating a colony inside your building.

The aforementioned lists can help you a lot in preventing and treating termite infestation in your building. If you need a reliable pest control company in Dubai, just call us, Alkanz Alzahabi, and we will eradicate these termites and stop them from hindering your business processes.


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