Effective Tips to Eliminate and Prevent Rats in your Home

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Effective Tips to Eliminate and Prevent Rats in your Home

Rats are known to be evasive to traps and poisons because they have evolved well enough for them to be elusive from these kinds of ruses. They can come from anywhere, appear almost everywhere, and out of nowhere. If you are tired of seeing these rats and rodents in your homes, you must ask for rats pest control in Dubai soon.

It takes a lot of effort or perhaps a professional help in order to get the effective solution to this problem. You don’t have to worry though, because we, Alkanz Alzahabi, are here to help you. We are known for being of the leading providers of pest control services. We give both commercial and residential pest control – with the aim of making your place free of pests and diseases as well. We know how these pests can actually harm your health that is why we take time in coming up with effective and safe solutions that we can utilize in performing pest control services for you.


Rats, for example, carry germs that can cause your health to deteriorate. Hence, it is crucial to prevent these rats from infesting your homes or commercial places.


The most common signs that you already have rats lurking inside your place are their small droppings and gnaw marks that indicate their attempts in getting inside your place.

To prevent these rats you must:

– Keep your homes clean from inside out

– Make sure that there is no still water left around your place.

– For your backyard, keep it free from any mess as well.

– Store your foods in tight containers, most especially if you weren’t able to finish your meals.

– Watch out for holes that can serve as the rats’ entryways towards your home.


And if you are already sure that there are rats roaming around your place, you should

– Block and seal all the holes that you can see around your homes. There’s no point of eradicating existing pests inside your place if new ones will keep on coming back.

– If you’re brave enough, you can set out traps for these rats yourself. There are various methods to try like snap traps and catch-and-release-traps.

– Rats are known to like to munch on your pets’ foods. If possible, use a steel bowl to feed your pests and store the pet food somewhere in the middle of the room to make it hard for the rats to hunt it when they have time.

– Deprive yourself of using chemicals in eradicating these pests because it can also harm your family’s health. You can opt for green or DIY solutions to repel these rats.

Call your trusted pest control company in Dubai to apply professional procedures that can effectively free your home from these rats. We, Alkanz Alzahabi, will do our best to keep your family spared from the dangerous effects of having pests in your homes, through or solutions that are also safe for you. Contact us anytime if you find yourself in this kind of situation. We will gladly extend our hand to help you out.








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