5 Tips for Efficient Outdoor Pest Control in Your Lawn and Garden

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5 Tips for Efficient Outdoor Pest Control in Your Lawn and Garden

It is a common knowledge that our house’s interior must be free of pests to maintain its cleanliness and healthy ambiance –that is why we conduct pest control services in our homes. However, we must not leave our outdoors behind – we must make sure that our lawns or our gardens are free of pests as well.

We also should consider hiring a pest control company in Dubai to perform outdoor pest control services in our homes. This is to ensure that the interior and exterior of our abode are both healthy and pest-free. You might need our help, Alkanz Alzahabi with this. As a reputable pest control company, we guarantee to eradicate all kinds of pests in your homes from bed bugs to rats, spider, rodents, termites, and the like. We provide home termite treatment and all other kinds of treatments needed for your home or commercial place, so that these pests won’t be a reason for any hindrances in your business or your home, and won’t reappear again.

Going back to your outdoor, not all insects can entirely damage your home, some are beneficial as well. However, you still need to get rid of these hazardous pests to make sure that your lawn and garden are healthy and appealing.

Moreover, these are some simple ways on how you can get rid of garden and lawn pests:

  1. Aside from the good effects of coffee grounds, like it adds nitrogen in your soil and increases its acidity; some creatures hate coffee and spreading it all over your garden can be a way for you to repel slugs, deer, insects or any animals from your lawn.
  2. You should monitor your garden from deformed leaves, discolored leaves, leaf galls, leaf mines, folded leaves, rolled leaves and chewed leaves because these can be signs of pests infesting your garden.
  3. You can also apply baits and traps to deter the slugs – the most annoying pest in your lawn. Additionally, you can spray organic sprays to also repel insects.
  4. You might also need to build barriers like nets and fences to keep bugs and animals away from your garden or lawn; or plant plants that naturally repel pests like Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Petunias, Basil, Lavander, Thyme, Lemongrass, Dill, and Chrysanthemums.
  5. And of course, you need to maintain a good and healthy soil. This is a must if you want your plants to survive, and have a heightened ability to withstand pest attacks. The healthier the soil, the lesser the chance that your plants will be damaged by pests easily.

For a professional way of eradicating the pests in your lawn, however, you will need our help and we will gladly solve your problems in the best way that we can.




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